dinsdag 27 maart 2012

Let the cat out of the bag

For this design I teamed up with the sewelicious stichaholic Annelies Gils. She pulled the perfect cut and sew pattern out of her hat (or should I say bag). It was a fun collaboration!

A little bagsplanation:
In the late Middle Ages, when meat was scarce but cats were not, people sold cats in stead of pigs in closed bags (or pokes). When the victims opened the bag… the secret got out. The idioms 'Let the cat out of the bag' and 'Pig in a poke' originated from this. There are many equivalents in other languages. 'Een kat in een zak kopen' in Dutch and 'Acheter un chat en poche' in French both mean 'To buy a cat in a bag' and 'Dar gate por liebre' is Spanish for 'to give a cat instead of a hare'.

Mimmi and Minni are competing with other bags in the upcoming spoonflower contest.

I'll post a picture of 'the real thing' soon! 

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