vrijdag 12 juli 2013

Time for a treat

My design for the last assignment of 'Make art that sells'.
About two weeks a go my wall art design and book cover popped up in Lilla's review.
That privilege gave me a real confidence boost and some interesting insights.
She pointed out that my collage/traditional work could inform my digital work.
I had a go at it in this last piece, and I'm really pleased with the result.

Actually I tried to put a lot of what I've learned to use in this piece.
I took my time to look for a distinctive and appealing color palette and I tried to make a design that reads well. The imagery and characters are influenced by my interests, collections, day to day things that trigger my imagination. And - the most important one - I had fun making it and made something to my own taste :-)

The course is over now, and gave me everything and more then expected.
I'm taking my time now to let everything sink in, contemplate and set my goals.
Time for a retreat...

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