zondag 25 augustus 2013

Global talent search II

I'm home again and I still owe you my entry for the second round of the global talent search... 
*drrrrrrum rrrrrrrrrolls*

The brief - in short - was to create a design for a tote bag that might be sold at a farmers market with a naturalist autumn/fall theme. They encouraged to include handlettering and/or people.I didn't go for characters with both animal and human characteristics this time because of that encouragement. But I did give my ladies some 'tree-ish' characteristics.

Between the 3rd and 9th of september there will be a public gallery showing the 50 designs. People will be able to vote for their favorite design. Only 6 people will go through to the next and final round. 1 chosen by the public, 5 chosen by a jury. 

Wish I could time travel to the 10th of september...

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  1. Oh, wow, het is prachtig! Laat vooral eens weten wanneer er moet gestemd worden ...

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    1. Thanks MaJo! It's going to be an interesting week ;-)

  3. Heb net op jouw illustratie gestemd!