woensdag 5 juni 2013

Back to school

I registered for Lila Roger's online course (make art that sells) a couple of months ago.
You can read more about the course if you hit the button below...

This week was the kickoff - finally - and I must admit it was a bit overwhelming meeting all of my 'classmates'. So many people, and so many similar stories! I felt far from original.
It's turning out to be a happy, friendly and supportive community with women and - a few - men from all over the world. And behind those similarities there is a big pile of uniqueness. One of the purposes of this course is to find, recognize or emphasise what that is...

The first week is all about bolt fabric. Our mini assignment was to draw, paint - or whatever - some mushrooms and pyrex casseroles... I'm having fun just freewheeling, sketching and absorbing the - usefull! - insights given in the course.

In a few seconds I'll find out what purpose all these mushrooms and casseroles will have because the big assignment, due sunday, will be online shortly!

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