dinsdag 11 juni 2013

Piroomette and Peatrus

Week one of Lilla's course seemed like a month!
So many interesting insights.
About how I work, about my work and - important! - about 'the market'.
The first assignment was due sunday. We had to make a design for bolt fabric in a retro kitchen theme.
The sketches we made at the beginning of the week were a good startingpoint and reference.

This was my endresult:

Piroomette, a mushroom lady making a Pirouette, is mixing some eggs and cream while Peatrus chops some mushrooms. Those two have a great quiche potential :-)

I always seem to feel the need to tell a story in my designs, preferably with some 'word games' on the side. It triggers my imagination.
Seeing what other class members made makes me think it might be to far fetched sometimes. I don't know, still in doubt. Maybe Lilla's comments - later today - will give me some answers.

I did make a resolution for this week: Keep it simple and purely decorative this time around. Hey how, let's go!

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